• Oefenen

    Zondag hebben we geoefend met onze volle rugzakken  door de duinen van Bakkum.

  • We gaan bijna!

    11 september vertrekken we naar Quito Ecuador.

Sorry we didn’t write for ages…. We are lucky to stay one night in a hostel with all 3 arches of wifi connected….sometimes….

on the blog we are still in San Pablo de Lagos Ecuador and we didn’t even posted about the horses and the lovely family we stayed with. I still think one day I’ll catch up by filling up this blog with all the photos I made.

for now a short message; on December 8th we met our grandparents in Lima Peru. We travelled by buses to see the great highlights of Peru. Right now we are in Ollantaytambo and tomorrow we will go to Machu Picchu.

time to go again…..

Pepin an Oliver .With Oliver from the Blue door we had a close view on La Basilica in Quito. We went to visit this huge cathedral with Oliver.

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From sept. 16 till 18 th we went to the country house of the family Hinojosa in Pifo a nice house with big garden close to the airport.

Calla in PifoCalla loved to do the washes Ecuadorian style so we got all clean socks and underwear.

Pifo chickensBesides  all the street dogs you see chickens everywhere in the small villages. No idea if they stick to their owners but for sure the eggs are all free range.

Pifo flowers yellow The rain season just started and you can see the influence directly on the grass and the flowers. I don’t know the names of the flowers, if someone does please tell me.

Pifo flower pink

The village was about 15 minutes walk.

PifoBut to come back with enough water to drink and something to eat……was a challenge…..and a workout

Pifo myrdinAfter two nights in Pifo we took the bus to San Pablo del Lago.